Wildlife Lake and Pond Liners

EnvirosealWildlife Lake and Pond Liners

One of the inherent problems with the preservation of wildlife lakes and ponds is chronic water loss. Such an occurrence can be the result of natural or man-made issues. In either case, the consequences can be drastic for local ecosystems and personal property

Enviroseals’s containment lining systems are optimally suited for installation as a hydraulic barrier for the prevention of water loss. Enviroseal fields a team of professional installation technicians that are standing by to customize a water prevention containment system to eliminate water loss concerns regarding wildlife lakes and ponds. Our geomembrane containment liners will effectively extend the natural lifespan of these aquatic sources by preserving adequate water levels.

Often, the cause of water loss in wildlife lakes and ponds is the result of normal ground absorption and lack of adequate replenishment (i.e. rainfall). Unfortunately, because wildlife lakes and ponds are typically an ecological resource for other forms of natural wildlife – both plant and animal – damage to the lake or pond can have a ripple effect that goes well beyond the aquatic zone itself. There is also the possibility of water contamination that enters the water table from pollutants in the ground. In turn, polluted source water can speed up normal absorption rates, outpacing replenishment. These concerns are readily resolvable with the lake liners and pond liners that Enviroseal utilizes in these types of projects.

Our geomembrane liners, a type of geotextile, are especially effective in eliminating the penetration of liquids and the prevention of water absorption into the ground. This is accomplished by way of the special properties that are characteristic of geomembrane liners. Essentially, geomembrane liners are constructed of a multitude of incredibly small, yet impermeable, compartments that form an impassable hydraulic barrier. Of the various types of geomembrane materials available, Enviroseal’s vast experience in the field directs us toward the utilization of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) liners for lakes and ponds.

Geosynthetic materials such as polyethylene are well suited for application in wildlife lakes and ponds. Lake liners composed of polyethylene are highly flexible and easy to conform to sub-surface terrain that can often be non-uniform. Such irregular terrain often poses puncture risks, which is increasingly minimized with polyethylene lake and pond liners.

Clients will find that Enviroseal’s polyethylene liners are eco-friendly and environmentally safe. Further, our lake liners are resistant to stresses caused by heat temperatures, as well as provide the versatility and structural strength that is needed in a wildlife environment. These are important features of our geomembrane containment liners. With outdoor applications, there is the need that these materials have the ability to withstand the harshness of prevalent weather conditions.

Enviroseal’s containment liners are able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, including severe cold. In short, our lake liners provide containment solutions that are effective year round. It should also be noted that Enviroseal also offers additional geotextile materials that can be installed that further enhance the protective characteristics of lake liners against natural hazards that are inherent with sub-surface terrain installation.

When you decide to utilize Enviroseal’s services for the installation of wildlife lake or pond liners, our trained engineers will survey your site to evaluate the most effective containment measures to be employed. Such issues such as the thickness of the containment liners and the type of terrain that has to be covered must be properly taken into consideration. Extremely rough terrain, for example, the thickness of the lake liner will generally exceed the standard thickness.

Once the evaluation process is completed, a team of installation technicians (all of whom are TWI, BS certified), will begin installing the containment liners. If necessary, we will prepare the site to ensure that terrain conditions are appropriate for liner installation.

Our technicians are also prepared to customize the geomembrane liner itself if necessary, in order to produce a properly installed application. The size and configuration of a wildlife lake or pond is not an obstacle for the fabrication of our containment liners. With the ability to heat seam geomembrane panels of virtually any size, we are easily able to adapt our containment liners to fit (literally) any situation.

The preservation of aquatic resources such as wildlife lakes and ponds is of paramount importance to our clients. Enviroseal is the affordable solution to this dilemma. We are able to provide geosynthetic hydraulic barriers in the form of our geomembrane containment liners that are highly effective at eliminating water loss. Enviroseal offers a level of expertise, professionalism, and state of the art products that are unmatched.