Landfill Capping Liners

Geomembrane Containment Liners

Enviroseal is committed to providing proven solutions to environmentally challenging problems. Our geomembrane containment liners are readily available to combat ecological hazards that threaten to contaminate surrounding resources. In this regard, Enviroseals lining systems are ideally suited to provide resource protection as landfill caps. Our landfill capping liners offer the prevention of landfill gas release and the infiltration of water which can result in ground contamination.

Permanent Capping Landfill Liners & Temporary Landfill Capping Liners

This versatile use of geomembrane liners is one that performs an important function in the area of waste management. Landfills are among the most widespread means of waste disposal in many communities. A very real concern with landfill is that many are essentially large holes dug into the ground and filled with waste, which is then covered up with dirt. The ecological concerns are glaringly obvious. A primary issue in these cases is water seepage and the release of toxic gasses.

Normal rainwater that is allowed to penetrate the landfill cover will saturate the waste underneath and form what is called leachate. This hazardous material will form in pockets and eventually seep through the sides and bottom of the landfill, contaminating the area – especially nearby water sources. Also, because landfill waste is covered, fumes and gasses will form underneath the top layer. Because of the nature of the waste, heat, and other factors (such as the formation of leachate); these gasses can be toxic. Fortunately, these ecological concerns have been addressed as the public has developed a pro-active awareness of issues facing the environment. Landfills are now required to install preventive measures (i.e. caps) to ensure environmental safety.

Nevertheless, while there are many laws and regulations that exist to lessen any environmental damage that these areas impose, there remains the need for the proper equipment to carry out this particular endeavor. Today, landfills will typically not only be composed of a topsoil layer; but also include a layer for drainage, and a final layer to prevent the migration of hazardous material from the site into the ground. This requires durable materials that are capable of establishing an impermeable barrier to prevent liquid penetration.

As such, geomembrane liners are the perfect solution and means to accomplish landfill capping. Our LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) are especially useful in this role. LLDPE liners possess the following features that are particularly suited for landfill capping:

  • Chemical resistant – which not only increases overall protection versatility, but extends the useful life of the liner itself (relative to, for example, HDPE liners)
  • Durable – durability is a key factor as the liner must be able to withstand waste objects that are subject to puncture or tear.
  • Radiation Resistant – Sun light can deteriorate many lining applications. LLDPE ultra-violet resistance allows for the liners extended life and vitality.
  • Flexibility and Strength – These landfill capping liners are manufactured to withstand required tolerances over an extended period. LLDPE liners also retain its protective characteristics when stretched, offering a high degree of performance versatility.

Depending on the circumstances, landfill capping liners can be permanent or temporary. Temporary capping measures are often used until the landfill is closed and a permanent capping solution is installed. The difference in liner applications is found in the thickness of the geomembrane used. For example, a temporary capping liner may have a thickness of 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm depending on the exact parameters needed. Permanent capping liners, on the other hand, are usually 1.0 mm in thickness, giving it a longer lifespan. Our installation teams are capable and prepared to fabricate on site, including pipe boot details and liner application in order to meet the particular demands of each specific project.

Further, because Enviroseal is a leading proponent of environmental protection and supplier of geosynthetic products; we also provide such items as drainage blankets and geotextiles. These items are often required or used to enhance landfill capping projects. Our geotextiles, for example, can be used as an additional protective barrier to prevent potential damage to the capping liner. In addition, our landfill capping liners are fully lab tested to ensure they perform up to the quality specifications that has allowed Enviroseal to establish itself as a first-choice containment liner solution.

Once you choose Enviroseal, our teams of professional engineers and installation technicians will properly evaluate your landfill capping needs. And because our experts possess BS TWI certifications, as well as CSCS verified; clients are guaranteed an efficient and successful installation of their landfill capping lining system. Enviroseal offers complete satisfaction with the evaluation and installation services we provide.

Our services are readily available and we are standing by to assist you in any manner that our extensive capabilities allow. Please do not hesitate to phone as we would be more than happy to help with your project.