Landfill Basal Liners

Landfills & Solid Waste Impoundments

The essential component for Environmental protection in landfills is the primary geomembrane liner. When a geomembrane liner is installed this will prevent landfill pollutants entry Into the groundwater system.

There now exists a greater awareness and responsibility of the public towards the protection of the environment. There is also an increased understanding of the design.

Requirements for landfill basal liner systems in terms of foundation designs, chemistry, temperatures, and longevity of the landfill itself.

HDPE Textured & Smooth

High Density polyethylene geomembranes provide the perfect solution as they provide an impermeable barrier against a wide range of liquids and solids.They have excellent chemical and UV resistance, impermeability, and high yield and Welded strengths.Liner thicknesses vary between 2.0mm 2.5mm.

Enviroseal will also supply a wide range of geotextiles and GCL that is often required in landfill basal projects. All Geomembrane Liners supplied by Enviroseal come with a guarantee, all liners come with certification and laboratory test results.We also provide highly qualified installation teams to fabricate on site Lining projects, Our Liner materials enable projects to be lined efficiently & successfully.

All of our site installation teams are BS TWI certificated, CSCS card holders and have undergone relevant health & safety courses.

We will be pleased to offer advice on any of your Basal Liners or Geomembrane Liner requirements please do not hesitate to call or email as we would be more than happy to help with your project.