Lake Liners

Enviroseal Lake Liners

Our lake liners can be produced to any size and specification. Lakes are a beautiful aquatic resource that not only offers visual and entertainment appeal, but also serves as habitat for numerous forms of wildlife. Preserving these natural and man made resources is a worthwhile endeavor.

In this regard; concerns such as water depletion, pollutant contamination and water aesthetics are all issues that can prove detrimental to the value of a lake. Fortunately, Enviroseal’s geomembrane containment lining systems provide effective resolution to these and other issues. Our engineers and technicians are standing by to assist you in preserving the priceless value of any lake and extend the effective life of this aquatic resource.

The life extension of any aquatic resource such as a lake is dependent on maintaining adequate water levels. There are a number of reasons that a lake can experience water depletion. This includes normal evaporation and a decrease in natural water replenishment (i.e. rain fall). However, the primary cause of water loss is ground absorption. Essentially, due to unsuitable ground conditions, water from a lake can leak back into the ground. Not only does this loss decrease the visual appeal of the lake, but it also can cause significant harm to the surrounding environment; especially wildlife. Equally problematic is the contamination of a lake from ground pollutants. These are pollutants that may have already existed prior to the lake being created if it is a manmade edifice and/or contaminants that may originate from other sources that have managed to circumvent natural barriers.

Enviroseal’s lake liners can be employed to effectively combat these problems. Our lake liners are created out of a synthetic geomembrane. This is a material that is made up of innumerable small membranes that are impermeable. Together, these membranes form a hydraulic barrier that prevents liquid substances from passing through it. As such, once properly installed, water cannot escape from it and liquid based ground pollutants cannot enter through it. For application in lakes, Enviroseal utilizes two types of geomembrane materials for lake liners: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE).

The choice of polyethylene based materials is significant. Polyethylene offers a number of useful characteristics that make it particularly ideal for sub-surface utilization. With considerable tensile strength, our polyethylene lake liners are significantly resistant to puncturing from the type of debris that is typically found on lake sub-surfaces. Further, our polyethylene lake liners are resistant to temperature fluctuations; both hot and cold. The ability to withstand the various types of inclement weather conditions of the seasons allows for year-long protection. Equally, the material is eco-friendly and poses no threat to humans, wildlife or surrounding environment.

With lakes, there is a general assumption that due to their size, containment applications are not possible. This is erroneous, and Enviroseal is capable of employing its lining systems in any sized lake. We field a highly trained cadre of professionals, all of whom are credentialed accordingly (BS, TWI certifications). Our team of engineers and technicians are able to customize and fabricate our geomembrane lining panels to accommodate any situation. Heat seaming large conjoining geomembrane panels, for example; affords us the capability of being able to successfully cover even the largest of lakes.

As a further protective measure, we also are able to install geotextile protective materials in conjunction with our containment systems. These materials offer an additional layer of protection to the employed lake liner containment system and are especially useful when encountering rough terrain. In this regard, it should be noted that our stock of polyethylene products are obtained from leading manufacturers of geosynthetic materials. In addition, are lining systems are subjected to a battery of quality assurance measures and evaluations to ensure a guarantee of excellence and dependability.

You will find our geomembrane lake liners a first rate and affordable solution for the preservation of aquatic resources such as lakes. Whether it is water depletion, the prevention of pollutant contamination or both; you will find that Enviroseal is positioned to provide you with effective means to combat the problem. Our professional expertise and quality products provide you with the client satisfaction that you demand.