Containment Liners

Enviroseal are a leading provider of geosynthetic containment liners both in the UK and in Europe. The geosynthetic industry is increasingly producing innovative materials and products that provide practical solutions to enhance ecological safety. One such product is geomembrane lining materials. While not new, having been in use for several decades, geosynthetic liners continue to perform an important function in the containment of waste materials and protecting water sources from contamination. These factors have made geosynthetic liners all the more relevant in an ever more environmentally conscious climate. Enviroseal Lining Solutions, as a result, is well positioned to supply the lining needs for those who require an eco-friendly remedy to an otherwise potentially hazardous situation.

As a leading provider of geosynthetic materials in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, Enviroseal prides itself on its ability to provide professional installation and supply services for geomembrane containment liners. Geomembrane liners, essentially, are hydraulic barriers composed of synthetic materials that are made up of impermeable membranes. While the specific application can be a bit technical, Enviroseal specialises in utilizing this type of geosynthetic lining system. This is accomplished, in part, by the efforts of our qualified and highly trained lining installation technicians and project engineers. Our fully certified personnel enable Enviroseal to provide clients with a wide range of containment liner options that meet various requirements.

Landfill Capping Liner

As a matter of course, geosynthetic products come in a variety of forms and models to meet a host of different needs. Containment liners, for example, can find use as a waste management apparatus in a landfill or water containment application in a pond or reservoir. In order to employ a comprehensive service that covers a broad spectrum of possibilities and needs, Enviroseal supplies the following types of geosynthetic liners:


High Density Polyethylene liners are widely used. Geomembrane liners of this type feature good resistance to UV and chemical exposure. These types of liners are well suited for pollutant containment in landfills and similar areas, as well as featuring a high degree of flexibility allowing for use in number of containment related projects.

Because Enviroseal specializes in utilizing geomembrane containment liners, clients are assured of not only expert technical and installation assistance, but also the use of the highest quality materials available from renowned geosynthetic manufacturers. Our containment liners are not only resistant to the wear and tear that can normally be expected, but also have the durability to withstand the types of exposure (such as chemicals) that liners are likely to encounter. When clients require a containment solution, Enviroseal’s geomembrane liners are the perfect mechanism for your project.


Pond Liners

Water depletion in ponds and lakes can have detrimental effects on the surrounding area in which these water sources are located. Geomembrane containment liners can be effectively employed to prevent this problem. HDPE liners are especially suited for these types of projects. Clients will find that our geomembrane liners are robust enough to withstand the rigors associated with environmental exposure (such as temperature variations), as well as possessing the versatility to be adapted to accommodate specific client requirements.

Landfill Basal Liners

Landfills, by their very nature, can present a potentially hazardous environmental situation. Geomembrane liners are able to provide a first-line defense for the protection of local eco-systems. The primary concern with landfills is the danger of contaminants, such as hazardous chemicals, polluting underground water tables. Our geomembrane liners are able to affect an impermeable barrier that will prevent pollutant contamination (both solid and liquid) leaking from landfills areas. In fact, geosynthetic materials in addition to geomembranes, such as geotextiles, find effective purchase in ensuring landfills are environmentally safe. Enviroseal is fully capable and positioned to supply a wide range of geosynthetic materials to complete lining projects to the satisfaction of every client.

Farm Slurry Lagoon Liners

Current nitrate pollution regulations are a primary concern for many farmers. These regulations and general environmental concerns necessitate a viable solution that is readily attainable with the use of geomembrane containment liners. Enviroseal is specifically involved in this endeavour and is able to supply and install containment systems that are tailored to provide the slurry storage that is required by farmers. Additionally, our geomembrane liners are well suited to manage the containment of farm related waste materials such as manure and other agriculture related by-products.

Reservoir Liners

Reservoirs are a vital component of any community. With their utility, however, there are always concerns with water depletion. Much in the same fashion as ponds and lakes, though on a much larger scale, Enviroseal’s containment liners are able to prevent water loss in reservoirs. Reservoirs present a special challenge because of their size and the amount of UV and weather exposure that can be expected. Our HDPE liners are well suited, both in durability and capability in fulfilling the requirements that such a project presents.

Anaerobic Digestion Liners

Anaerobic tank leakage is an avoidable hazard. Regardless if the tanks in question are new or refurbished, geomembrane liners can provide an additional layer of protection that ensures safe operation and use. The use of our lining systems is compliant with relevant environmental regulations. Enviroseal’s HDPE and LLDPE liners are commonly employed in projects of this nature.

In addition to these brief descriptions, Enviroseal also provides lake and reed bed linersbund liners and landfill capping liners. Further, Enviroseal is fully capable of working and rendering its services in any applicable sector. This includes water based sectors such as ponds, lakes and reservoirs; as well as land based sectors such as landfills and recycling fields. In this manner, it becomes evident that Enviroseal is committed to being able to provide its clients with the geosynthetic solutions they need to resolve their environmental concerns.

For further information about our comprehensive geomembrane containment lining systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.