Fracking, Oil, Gas and Mining

Fracking pads and storage lagoons

Enviroseal is committed to providing proven solutions to environmentally challenging problems. Our geomembrane containment liners are readily available to combat ecological hazards that threaten to contaminate surrounding resources. In this regard, Enviroseal’s lining systems are ideally suited to provide resource protection from ground water pollution.

As part of the fracking process it is vital that the surrounding area is not contaminated. Enviroseal provide solutions for containment of fracking pads and for storage lagoons. Fracking well pads are constructed to have a solid working base, delimitation of the working area and a final barrier to stop contamination of the surrounding ground.

Fluids used in the fracking process are referred to as flowback. Flowback is water, combined with sand, oil, sediment, and other chemicals which must be contained to ensure this does not contaminate the surrounding ground. This fluid can either be stored in containment lagoons, ponds, pits, or tanked to be treated.

Enviroseal supply, install and test geosynthetics for water storage lagoons and for spill containment on the fracking pads. The most commonly used geomembrane for containment is HDPE to GRI GM13 which has a high level of chemical resistance, very high UV-resistance and provides a cost-effective solution. The HDPE meets Environment Agency requirements for containment, complies with SSAFO regulations and meets or exceed the recommended specifications from the Geosynthetic Institute The HDPE is typically combined with a non-woven geotextile in either one or two layers depending on the containment design. As designs vary from site to site the geotextile is available in different grades to provide protection to the geomembrane.

Once you choose Enviroseal, our teams of professional engineers and installation technicians will properly evaluate your containment needs. Our experts possess CSWIP plastic welding certifications, and are CSCS verified so our clients are guaranteed an efficient and successful installation of their lining system. Enviroseal offers complete satisfaction with the evaluation and installation services we provide.

Our services are readily available and we are standing by to assist you in any manner that our extensive capabilities allow. Please do not hesitate to phone as we would be more than happy to help with your project.

Oil and Shale Gas Extraction

Drilling pad liners are installed around the drill wells to contain oil and gas drilling fluids and prevent contamination of the ground below.

Containment Lagoons

Lagoons are also used in conjunction with the drilling methods for safe storage of drilling fluids, eg. Drilling extraction water and shale derived liquids.

HDPE textured & Smooth

High density polyethylene geomembranes provide the perfect solution as they provide an impermeable barrier against a wide range of liquids and solids. They have excellent chemical and UV resistance, impermeability and high yield and welded strengths. liner thicknesses vary b etween 1.0mm to 3.0mm.
Enviroseal will also supply a wide range of geotextilesthat is often required in fracking projects . All Geosynthetics supplies by Enviroseal come with a guarantee, certification and laboratory  test results. We also have highly qualified technicians on site.
All of our site installation teams are CSWIP certificated for plastice welding and testing, CSCS card holders and have undergone relevant health and safely courses.

We will be pleased to offer advice on any of your Bund Lining and containment requirements. Please do not hesitate to call or email as we would be more than happy to help with your project.