September, October and November 2018 News

Going in to the final quarter of 2018 Enviroseal have been active across a wide-ranging variety of projects across the country. The projects included slurry lagoon linings both with and without leakage detection, reservoir liners, landfill capping in both GCL and LLDPE, landfill basal lining in 2.0mm HDPE, 7,000m2 attenuation pond lining in Aberdeen using 1.5mm HDPE and floating covers in 1.0mm LLDPE. A commercial fishing lake near Sheffield was lined with a 1.0mm LLDPE and protection geotextile. We have also completed the refurbishment of concrete water storage tanks and slurry storage tanks installing new lining systems to the inside of the vessels.
Enviroseal have been working on two projects for utilities companies involving the lining of a tank bund in Cumbria for a new water treatment plant and the ongoing reed bed lining replacement programme across numerous sites in the midlands which will continue in to 2019.
Containment lining in the Anerobic Digestion sector has continued to provide a variety of interesting projects. In Oxfordshire we have installed a 1.0mm HDPE secondary containment lining system to the AD tanks with leakage detection, A digestate storage lagoon on the same site was also lined with 2.0mm HDPE. Enviroseal supplied 5No. 500m3 digestate storage bags to a plant in Doncaster which have an interconnecting pipe system. Some photos from the site are on the projects page.

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