In May and June Enviroseal have been working on a diverse range of projects including lakes, reservoirs, landfill capping/cell linings, slurry lagoons, land remediation and anaerobic digestion

Technicians have been working on three separate islands during May. Enviroseal where working on a 13,500m2 landfill cell installing 2.0mm HDPE and protection geotextile. In Cork we completed phase 2 of the Haulbowline Island capping works, which is a large land remediation project, by installing 26,000m2 of 2.0mm HDPE and geocomposite drainage material. On the Isle of Wight, the technicians completed an 8,500m2 landfill capping installing 8,500m2 of 1mm LLDPE and protection geotextile.

Enviroseal have also been working on projects across the UK. In Lincolnshire we completed the first of seven lakes at a luxury lodge park using 1.0mm LLDPE, protection geotextile and soil retention matting to allow for landscaping. The technicians completed the installation of 2.0mm HDPE and geotextile at an Anerobic Digestion Plant in Bridgewater, Devon. We commenced work on a large geosynthetic clay liner capping to a landfill site in Haydock Lancashire. Enviroseal also complete the lining of an 11,000m2 agricultural water irrigation reservoir in Methwold, Norfolk. This was lined in 1.0mm HDPE with a protection geotextile and a 1.5mm double textured HDPE scrub sheet to the crest.

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